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All employees are skilled technicians trained in the latest methods of every aspect of repair, rebuild and the maintenance of vehicles from LDV's and Trucks to Buses.


Our Technicians are constantly updated at daily breifing sessions to make certain that all can complete the work exactly as required in the alloted time frame.


We can easily be contacted on WhatsApp. We are composed of a group of Technical Mechanics with years of hands on experience who came together to form a Company dedicated to delivering the best possible Service at the most competitive price.

Our reputation rests on delivering constant reliability and having the ability to problem solve to the satisfaction of our clients. Having the option of fully equipped Workshops and Mobile Clinics at our disposal means that no situation that needs fixing is beyond us and we operate under any circumstances.


The experience we have earned in all possible circumstances with all the makes and models of LDVs, Trucks and Buses allows us to know what works and what does not. We do not waste time and money repairing, rebuilding and maintaing vehicles as we know from the opnset what Tools, Parts and Skills are needed.

All our Employees receive regular Training and Updating so that there are no suprises waiting in store for them and the customer when the work begins. This keeps costs and time spent (labour costs) down to a minimum. It also means that the latest techniques and methods are applied so further reducing time, labour and replacement part costs.

The modern Workshops and Mobile Clinics we operate from are continously updated giving us access to the latest developments in all aspects of Mechanics. Our machinery and technological apparatus from computer controlled Diagnostic machines to welding and fitting tools are all the very latest so cutting time spent on the job. Yet again saving you time and money.

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+27(0) 10 225 2185


+27(0) 83 514 0114


+27(0) 74 998 9268

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Nazrene Singh




Our overiding aim is to fulfill your expectations and ensure your complete satisfaction. By keeping costs down by diligently checking that parts, labour and machinery and tools are fit for the job, we have clients who return to us for further help and advice as the need arises. We rely on our hard won reputation and keep on checking that our customers are satisfied in every respect.